SF Women’s Expo 2012

October 10, 2012 · All, General, Jewelry Info

We had the opportunity to show our wares at the San Francisco Women’s Expo this past weekend.  Wow, what a fun event!  There were so many cool products for sale, there were pampering sessions with makeup and hair, famous people speaking about their lives, food and wine tastings, and very awesome people there.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and that made our job so fun!  We met so many nice customers and other vendors, it was a great experience.  If you missed it, make sure you see it next year!

H and  stamped jewelry booth at the expo

This is our booth – Courtney is seen here st and ing behind the table. We did a lot of st and ing!

Our booth before

This our booth “before”, when we first arrived. Lots of work to do!

The Crowd

The crowd

Winona Judd speaking

Winona Judd speaking about her life

Etched Charms

Our Etched Charms for sale…these were very popular

Shopping time!

Let the shopping ( and the fun) begin

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