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Bis Sis Lil Sis Matching Necklaces

Bis Sis Lil Sis Matching Necklaces

Just added – these cute matching sister necklaces. One sterling teardrop charm h and stamped with “Big Sis” and one is stamped with “Lil Sis”.  A sterling puffed heart and pink cultured pearl hang on each side of the charms.  These necklaces are just so sweet and dainty.  My daugter loves hers (she has Big Sis only, since she has two younger brothers) and wears it to school to let everyone know what a proud big sis she is.

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This little “Book of Love” is the latest addition to my line.  I made this sample for my sister, and there is one page for each of her boys.  It makes them each feel special when she wears it, and it’s a cute Mommy statement that she can wear all day. 

Book of Love Necklace

Book of Love Necklace

The possibilities for this necklace are endless – anything you say to your kids or your honey, or any words or names you’d like to wear but also keep kind of discreet can be put in this book.  It’s just a fun little addition that I hope to do more with.  My customers come up with the best ideas – so have fun with it!

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What exactly is gold-filled jewelry?  Gold-filled charms and chains are a great economical option to solid 14 karat gold.  It looks and feels the same as 14 karat, but is much cheaper to purchase.   In fact, gold-filled has a solid layer of 14 karat gold in contact with your eyes and skin, so it really is like having solid 14 karat from a look and feel perspective. 

Half inch gold-filled discs with puffy heart

Half inch gold-filled discs with gold-filled puffy heart

 Gold filled jewelry (also called gold overlay) is regulated by law, and must have a 1/20th (by weight) layer of 14 karat gold permanently bonded over a core of base metal, such as brass.  In contrast, Gold-plated is not regulated by law, and has about 1/100th the amount of real gold on its surface.  The gold on gold-plated can also flake off, whereas the gold on gold-filled items will not rub off or flake off with wear.   Gold-filled is tarnish-resistant and safe for most people with sensitive skin who can wear solid 14 karat gold jewelry.  So gold-filled jewelry is a great economical way to enjoy the substance and shine of gold without the big price tag.

I have carried and worked with both solid 14 karat gold discs and gold-filled discs, and I can honestly say that in looking at them, I cannot tell the difference between them.  In fact, the solid 14k metal tends to be softer than the gold-filled and is therefore harder to work with, from a stamping perspective.  I plan to have a few new gold-filled items I will be adding to the site soon, too.  So keep checking back!

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And little time to cook…Recipe Matcher!!  You plug in ingredients you have on h and and it suggests recipes that contain them.  It rocks!

Recipe Matcher

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