H and  stamped family tree necklace

Just in time for one of the biggest family holidays of the year, enter for a chance to win our Family Tree Necklace!  Personalize the rim of this necklace with our Family Quote, or the names of the people in your family.  A sweet treasure to wear for the holidays and to help you remember and keep close those who are most important.

H and  stamped tree of life necklace

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Etched  and  h and  stamped gr and ma necklace

I am lucky to have both a very sweet mom and a very sweet mother in law.  My mother in law recently came out for a visit from Massachusetts, and we got to spend some good quality time with her.  Gr and mas are really special in that they love to tell others that they have gr and kids – it’s definitely one of those milestones in life that many people want to reach, so I imagine it feels good to show and tell everyone how lucky you are.  That’s one reason that Gr and mas are the perfect c and idate for h and stamped jewelry!  Both my mom and my mother in law own a few h and stamped necklaces from Heart On Your Wrist, which I loved to make for them.  They both have their own style, so it was fun coming up with designs that I knew each would like and would enjoy wearing.

Our h and  stamped Nana Necklace

Jane, my MIL, loves our new etched designs, especially our Etched Family Tree necklace, which I plan to make for her for Christmas.  She has a h and stamped necklace with all her gr and kid’s names on it that she wears all the time.  Each charm has a h and stamped name on the front with the child’s birth date curved below it – she loves this since she never forgets birthdays!  She also loves it because it looks great on her and it’s unique, so she gets a lot of compliments on it.

The Bar Necklace h and  stamped for Gr and ma

My mom owns a few of the more classic h and stamped gr and ma pieces and she likes to mix them up a lot, instead of wearing just one all the time.  She has our Heart On a Disc, which is nice because you can get a lot of names on the charm and stamp the word Gr and ma on the center heart.  She also has a simple heart with Gr and ma stamped on it, hanging with a fresh water pearl.

H and  stamped Heart On A Disc

For the Gr and ma who loves gold, we have our h and stamped gold discs, which can have one name per charm, or a simple Gold Disc with Puffed heart that can be stamped with “Gr and ma”, “Granny”, “Ya ya” – anything your children call her!  We also have h and stamped bracelets for Gr and ma, of which our Inspiration Bracelet is the most popular for Gr and mas.  Lastly, for the Gr and ma who doesn’t wear jewelry, we also have a couple key rings that Gr and ma can proudly carry with her at all times – our Heart H and Stamped Key Ring, or our H and Stamped Large Disc Key Ring.


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H and  stamped awareness charm

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are giving away our Etched Awareness Circle of Love Necklace.  Enter here or on Facebook – good luck!

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Heart On Your Wrist recently had the opportunity to sell some of our h and stamped jewelry at the SF Women’s Expo in San Mateo, CA.  We had a great time at the show and even prepping for the show!  I wanted to make some cute and different displays for some of my etched necklaces, so I trekked on over to Michael’s to get some ideas.  What I ended up with worked nicely to display 10 or so necklaces in one spot.  I also plan to create something similar for my daughter’s huge ( and growing) inventory of jewelry so she has an easy place to store them and she can easily see everything and choose what she wants to wear in a snap!  This is how the display turned out:

Final Display for H and  Stamped Necklaces

I started with a wooden shadow box from Micheal’s, some white spray paint and a photo rack (the black iron rack holding it up).

I also chose a 12″x12″ piece of pretty scrapbook paper for the background of the display.

Put down some newspaper to protect the ground you’re spraying on.  Spray away!  Since you will be putting paper in the center, you don’t need to paint that part of the box.  Without any primer, the final look is a little distressed, which I like.  I probably did about 5 coats of spray.  I love spray painting though so that was the fun part for me.

I also purchased some 1/2″ nails with flat heads.  After the paint is dry, you place the craft paper right into the box.  Then nail 10 or so nails across the top of the box.  This keeps the paper in, and provides a hook to hang your necklaces from.

Here is how it looked at the show!


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