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H and  stamped Love Me Earrings Giveaway

Here is your chance to enter to win our h and stamped Love Me Earrings (a $38 value).  I created these using my favorite heart stamp, which I just love!  I stamped each disc and then domed them (a lot).  They have a nice curve to them, which makes them look really cute on any cute pair of ears.  Good luck!!

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Personalized memorial charm

After the tragedy at S and y Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, we were all feeling shocked, horrified, sad and helpless.  Watching the families of those killed go through the ultimate nightmare was hard to bare.  The people of Newtown came together in support of the families who lost loved ones, and to see that was inspiring and gave just a glimmer of hope during a dark and horrifying time.  Being here in California, we felt especially helpless.  We all wanted to do something, anything, for those who were hurting, but what can you possibly do to try and make things better at such a dreadful time?

That is when Stephanie May got in touch with me.  Stephanie was a customer of Heart On Your Wrist, and also wanted to do something to remember those lost and to provide some reassurance to the survivors.  Stephanie lives  in Connecticut and was feeling first-h and the pain and anguish of the people of Newtown.  She wanted to create something meaningful that others could see and get comfort from.  And she thought of Heart On Your Wrist.

Stephanie and I worked together to create a personalized memorial charm in honor of the S and y Hook victims.   We decided together that all proceeds from the sale of this necklace would be donated to the Newtown Memorial Fund in Newtown, CT, whose mission is to provide a memorial to the victims of the tragedy, and to establish academic scholarships in the victims’ names for victim classmates and for generations of Newtown students to come.

Stephanie felt that a burning c and le had become a symbol of Hope in Newtown, so we designed a sterling silver etched charm with a burning c and le in the center.  The outer rim of the charm reads, “Short is life but long is love”.   The back of this charm has a bold “26” on it to signify the 26 beautiful people lost on December 14, 2012.  A custom message of your own can also be put on the back of the charm.  The charm can be made into a necklace, bracelet or key ring.

Our wish is that people who wear this or see this charm will remember the victims, and feel a sense of comfort.  We are also happy to be a part of future scholarships that will be provided to the students of Newtown.  It doesn’t bring anyone back or change anything, but it does provide the tiniest glimmer of hope for the future.

Etched c and le charm 26 on back

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H and  stamped jewelry is being worn by Max

H and writing Jewelry Love Note Charm

I have to say these are my favorite personalized charms we have at the moment.  Our h and writing charms have been a huge hit with our customers, and now we are putting more than signatures on charms.  My daughter wrote me this note one day and I just loved it so much, I thought about putting it on a charm and wearing it.  We have these thick, somewhat small charms that look like little pieces of paper so I thought of those immediately.  Sure enough, I was able to shrink down her note and etch it right onto this little sheet.  I drilled a hole at the top and hung it on a chain and wow!  So cute!

The sheets are great on their own, but will look great with a few as well.  I’m going to add notes from both my boys too, can’t wait to do that!  These would be great from a hubby too or a potential hubby!  They are subtle but very sweet and a substantial, meaningful piece of jewelry.  A wonderful gift idea for any mom, gr and ma, friend, girlfriend, you get the idea!  A dad could wear this too as it is small but thick.

H and  stamped h and writing necklace

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