Pewter is a cool metal.  It’s durable, pretty and easy to work with.  It looks really pretty when h and -stamped, too, as the rich silver color of the metal mixes so nicely with the blackened letters or symbols.  We’ve recently been creating items made with pewter and plan to add a few of these to our site.  On top of how great it looks and how easy it is to work with, it’s also less expensive than other metals like sterling silver or fine silver.

H and  stamped pewter disc

Pewter has been used for centuries for jewelry and other decorative items. In the last few years, as the price of silver skyrocketed, the popularity of pewter surged as a more affordable alternative to silver for jewelry. Modern pewter is, of course, lead-free and sustainable.

H and  stamped pewter beach bum necklace

Pewter is a white, lustrous alloy, with a look similar to silver, and it’s easy to work with.  We look forward to offering some of these pieces to our Heart On Your Wrist customers!

If you have any ideas of mommy jewelry or inspirational necklaces you’d like to see in pewter, please let us know.

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