We are so excited to announce our new web site, after many long months of planning, deciding, creating, working, working and working on it!  We love the new, clean design and hope our categories and layout will make it easier for everyone to find what products they are looking for.  We have a lot of h and stamped necklaces, bracelets, charms and key rings and customers would often say it was difficult to find just what they’re looking for.

We have now simplified a bit with fewer categories to browse through, but have added a Collections menu and Gift Ideas menu.  We hope this allows people to browse through to just look around or to browse and find something specific they have in mind.  But of course, as always, we are here if you need any help!  You can email us, chat with us or just give us a call.

Oh and to celebrate, we are having a 15% off sale through Thursday!  So check us out…

H and  stamped jewelry sale!

We here in our studio have been playing around with lots of new materials and ideas this summer, and have decided that chunky is definitely the new black.  I’ve always loved substantial jewelry – not necessarily huge charms but materials that have substance, that you can feel when you hold them and wear them.  This is why I’ve always, since day one of my business, used thicker metals for charms whenever possible.  Stamping on thicker charms just looks better, and keeps customers coming back for more quality h and -stamped jewelry.

Chunky Resting Hearts NecklaceOur new “Chunky Resting Hearts Necklace” takes charm thickness a step further by being what can only be described as “chunky”, and beautiful of course!   Jewelry like this can make a statement with or without personalization.  The copper metal we use comes out in this gorgeous hue of orange-brown.  You really have to see it in person to fully appreciate it, it is just so pretty.

The small silver heart is made of solid fine silver.  Both hearts are h and -made here in our California studio.  Check out the video below to see for yourself how substantial and pretty these charms are!

Rock Art turned into jewelry

Ah yes, it’s summer.  And when the kids are not in camp, they are tasked with finding ways to entertain themselves, much as we did when we were kids.  We are lucky to have a few kids in the neighborhood who don’t live far from us, and our kids are able to congregate and hang amongst the houses and yards.  I was impressed the other day to find that my daughter and her friends had occupied themselves for a few hours with ‘rock art’ (a term we came up with, but I’m sure we didn’t invent).  They used pretty Sharpie pens on the rocks in front of our house, and decorated each one with designs, words and pictures.  When they showed me their collection, I was so impressed with their creativity.

Infinity Rock Art

There were a couple rocks in the collection that caught my eye – I just loved the images on them.  The infinity with ‘love’ incorporated into the line was so unique and sweet.  I decided it would look great on a necklace, so I took a close-up photo of it and got working on the photo in Photoshop.  I cleaned it up a bit and had to get rid of the little gold dots, but what I ended up with was a beautiful and sweet image to etch onto a charm.  A few hours later we had a sterling silver version of it, ready for photos!  We had a lot of fun with this idea and wanted to share it with our customers.  If you see an image or draw an image you just love and would love to wear, let us know!  We would love to make it into a charm for you.

Infinity Love Necklace  Rock Artist Infinity Drawing Necklace

They took the rock art a step further by decorating rocks with the names and themes of each of the businesses on our little strip where our studio is.  Each business got a set of rocks that represented their business or had the business name.  They left the rocks at the doorstep of each unit.  What a sweet surprise for them to find at their doorsteps the following day!

HOYW Rock Art

My youngest got into it too…so cute!

Rock People

So Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I am getting more and more requests for great gift ideas for Gr and ma!  So here is ‘Gift Ideas for Gr and ma, volume 2!”

H and  Stamped Thai Circles of AffectionFor the Gr and ma who is very stylish but with a funky flair to her style, I would suggest our h and -stamped Thai Circles of Affection.  These charms are h and -made in Thail and out of fine silver (99.9% silver) and have a heavy weight to them.  They look great with one or two charms or 7-8 bundled together.  They are a little shiny but with a h and -made look, which give them a trendy but funky flair.

H and  Stamped Inspiration CuffIf Gr and ma prefers daintier jewelry and loves bracelets, our Inspiration Cuff would be a stylish and unique choice.  These cuffs are found throughout the internet, but I haven’t found anyone else who will actually stamp what you want onto the cuff!  We will do just that – anything from a favorite saying you and Gr and ma might have together, to the names of all her gr and kids.  We can add tiny little symbols to this bracelet as well, to make it even more personal.

H and  Stamped Charm BraceletOur Sterling Circles Charm Bracelet is another great piece of bragging jewelry – Gr and ma (or mom!) can wear it simply w/one name charm and a simple birthstone, or with many charms and stones as her family grows.

Etched Moon  and  Back NecklaceIf she likes unique jewelry, our Etched Moon Circle of Love Necklace would be a great choice.  This charm has a raised moon in the center of the charm, with “I love you to the moon and back” stamped around the edge of the charm.  You can add her gr and kid’s names to the back of this charm, too!

H and  stamped Open Heart CharmAnother unique option that is really sweet, dainty and pretty is our Open Heart Necklace, and you can add birthstones to the center of the necklace.  This is one of our most popular h and stamped necklaces for Gr and ma!

Gr and ma Birthstone NecklaceLastly, our simple Birthstone Necklace with Gr and ma disc – such a pretty way to brag about her brood and her status of Gr and ma!


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