Gold H and writing Disc NecklaceH and writing jewelry is a really fun and personal way to create a unique piece of jewelry for you or a loved one. It’s one of my favorite things to make here in our studio. Each creation has a story behind it, and I love hearing customer stories about why they are shopping for h and writing jewelry.

Sometimes they are looking for a way to commemorate a loved one’s signature or note from a card. Sometimes people have love letters written to them years ago that they want etched into something permanent that they can wear and possibly pass down. And sometimes people just want to take a favorite drawing or note from their children to keep with them and wear as a reminder of a sweet time in their lives.

Whatever the reason, we love making these. And we get a lot of questions on how we do it, how people should choose their piece and how to get us the h and writing image. It’s a lot simpler than you might think, and we will take what you give us and transform it into a beautiful and unique keepsake that you will cherish for years and years.

The basic steps are to choose a h and writing charm from our site that you love and would like to see your h and writing sample on. Then you simply take a close-up photo of your h and writing and either upload it when you order, or email it to us separately. We will take it from there and create your personal, one-of-a-kind piece.H and writing Jewelry How To Order

H and writing Heart CharmFor lots of information, tips and samples of other h and writing jewelry we have created, see our H and writing Jewelry – How It Works section of our website! And as always, if you have questions, please contact us.

Each yMartha Stewart Nominee Heart On Your Wristear Martha Stewart holds a competition for $10,000 ( and various other perks) for businesses who make their products in the U.S. and who encourage and work with other small companies in the U.S.  They look for beautiful, inspiring and useful products.  There are four key categories – crafts, design, food and our category, style!

We are proud to be a 2014 style nominee and can’t wait until voting begins on September 15!  Please vote for us!

H and writing Jewelry

We are just about ready to officially open our storefront, though customers have been coming in already, which we love!

We havh and  stamped jewelry store in menlo parke a little bit of cleanup to do and we have to install our divider that will divide the work area from the store area…we’re hoping to get that all settled this weekend so we can open next week.  Then on to planning our gr and opening!  Can’t wait to start talking with customers face-to-face and spending time in the store.personalized jewelry store

We’re also trying to work on a wood display idea we had…kind of funny in that I found some really great weathered wood in the neighborhood, only to find out it was claimed by someone else already.  So I’ve been “scouring the streets” for some wood, and just today I saw my next door neighbor working on their new fence!  Ah!  Lots of nice, weathered wood for the taking.  So that will be a fun little side project as well.  We’ll see how my wood-working skills pan out.

Morepersonalized jewelry shop photos to come!h and -stamped jewelry store

Valentine’s Day is a great time to tell anyone in your life how special they are.  Your spouse, your mother or father, even your kids!  Kids love Valentine’s Day because they are reminded they are loved and thought about by someone else.  Who doesn’t love that?

A h and written note on a heart charm would be a sweet reminder to anyone that they are appreciated.

H and writing on a heart charm

Our h and stamped locket  with a special message inside is a good option, as are any of our designs in our Valentines Collection.  Check them out and see if there is something right for your special someone!

H and  stamped love locket


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