H and  stamped key ringYour keys are one of the few things you use everyday and always have with you. So they should be a little special, right? But odds are, they’re kept together by some boring old metal ring. Can your keys be cute & inspiring? Heck yeah!

Our Product of the Month for August is the lovely Round with Heart Key Ring, from our collection of personalized key rings. We stamp up to three words on the front of this adorable h and made pewter charm. You can personalize the back, too, with up to five words or five short lines.The charm is round with a small raised heart on the front, and is made right here in our California studio.

Let’s upgrade those poor keys! For the next 48 hours, get it for 25% off! No coupon necessary.

July 20, 2016 · All, personalized jewelry

H and  stamped cuffInspiration & Style. That’s our purpose every time we h and make a piece of personalized jewelry for you.

Our Whimsical Leather Bracelet features your choice of word stamped on a sterling silver tag, which is then carefully h and -sewn onto a lovely leather bracelet. Choose a name or a meaningful word for yours to make it your own. It is our product of the month for July!

H and  stamped coordinates key chainEverybody has them: those special places that, when you think of them, just make you happy. Your honeymoon destination? The beach cottage your family has been going to for years? The girls’ getaway spot every year? The home team’s stadium?

Whatever that place is, our h and stamped coordinates jewelry is a way to keep it with you all the time. H and made from fine silver, then personalized with your special spot, this charm can be hung on a necklace for her, or on a key chain for him. (Don’t forget Father’s Day is June 21!)

To find the coordinates of your happy place: Just do a web search for: what are the coordinates of {your place}. Tell us where you want to be, and we’ll make your special piece for you! (Even while we dream of a trip to 41.8920° N, 69.9620° W…)H and  stamped coordinates necklace

Introducing our new Mother’s Hug Locket!

I love lockets and how they can hold a special message or surprise inside. I also love hearts and I love drawing them! For this piece, I drew the heart and we then etched it onto a sterling silver disc that ends up being the top of the locket. I then wrote out the message for the inside that says “A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go”. My favorite color is pink so I added a pink crystal stone inside as well.

When I see this and open it up, my heart sings! You can personalize the back of the locket with your special message to mom. I love this as a sentimental gift idea for mom!



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