Etched Awareness NecklaceWe are proud to present our necklace of the month for October, our Etched Awareness Necklace. Made of sterling silver and pink fresh water pearls, this necklace is a pretty way to support cancer research. Heart On Your Wrist will donate 10% of proceeds from the sale of this necklace to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

We etch right into the metal and leave a raised awareness symbol in the center of the charm. We then add the little pink pearls and hang it on a sterling silver chain of your choice. You can personalize the front and back of this charm with any words or sayings you choose. It can be a truly personal piece of hope and strength.

Etched Name DiscsIf  you love personalized jewelry & the h and stamped style but are looking for something to st and out, check out our etched name necklaces! H and stamped style paired with bold carved design, our exclusive line of etched necklaces are a popular and beautiful way to show the world what you’re passionate about.

These designs feature sterling silver charms etched away to leave a raised design. They are then h and worked to leave a beautiful matte finish.

Our July Necklace of the Month is one of our most popular etched necklaces. We take a sterling silver disc and etch all around the name and symbol areas, leaving the name and symbol raised, and leaving a nice border around the names.  We then patina the whole piece and polish the raised areas so they st and out.

No one else offers this design or look, so you know yours will be truly unique.
Name Necklace Etched

Rock Art turned into jewelry

Ah yes, it’s summer.  And when the kids are not in camp, they are tasked with finding ways to entertain themselves, much as we did when we were kids.  We are lucky to have a few kids in the neighborhood who don’t live far from us, and our kids are able to congregate and hang amongst the houses and yards.  I was impressed the other day to find that my daughter and her friends had occupied themselves for a few hours with ‘rock art’ (a term we came up with, but I’m sure we didn’t invent).  They used pretty Sharpie pens on the rocks in front of our house, and decorated each one with designs, words and pictures.  When they showed me their collection, I was so impressed with their creativity.

Infinity Rock Art

There were a couple rocks in the collection that caught my eye – I just loved the images on them.  The infinity with ‘love’ incorporated into the line was so unique and sweet.  I decided it would look great on a necklace, so I took a close-up photo of it and got working on the photo in Photoshop.  I cleaned it up a bit and had to get rid of the little gold dots, but what I ended up with was a beautiful and sweet image to etch onto a charm.  A few hours later we had a sterling silver version of it, ready for photos!  We had a lot of fun with this idea and wanted to share it with our customers.  If you see an image or draw an image you just love and would love to wear, let us know!  We would love to make it into a charm for you.

Infinity Love Necklace  Rock Artist Infinity Drawing Necklace

They took the rock art a step further by decorating rocks with the names and themes of each of the businesses on our little strip where our studio is.  Each business got a set of rocks that represented their business or had the business name.  They left the rocks at the doorstep of each unit.  What a sweet surprise for them to find at their doorsteps the following day!

HOYW Rock Art

My youngest got into it too…so cute!

Rock People

H and  stamped matte symbol disc necklace

Our new Matte Symbol Discs are our latest creation – we etch a tiny symbol of your choice into the center of our 5/8″ sterling silver disc, and then brush the whole surface of the charm for a matte finish.  We can h and stamp the back of each charm to make this a personal, thoughtful gift for any Valentine.  You choose the symbol and you choose the stones!  These necklaces are on sale until the end of day Friday – they are regularly $52 but are on sale now for $41.20!  A great chance to buy that special gift for that special person in your life.

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