April 2, 2009 · All, General

I took some time recently to add many new designs, charms and stones that have been in my queue for a little while.  I am happy to report that I have about forty new items, and I am excited about so many of them.  I still have a few to add so check back!

My favorite is something I have been thinking about for a couple years now, at least.  And I finally have something new that I love that I can offer to all you dog lovers out there – a sterling bone charm necklace!  I just love how these charms come out – they are solid and heavy, and a name fits right on the front of them.  So I now wear three necklaces, this one being the longest and bearing the names of my two loving pups, Austin and Ruby.  Now I can keep them close to my heart too!

April 2, 2009 · All, Jewelry Info

Howdy y’all, just a quick note that I’ve added a new chain to the site, the diamond cut fine ball chain.  It is beautiful and my new fav.  If you don’t know what this kind of chain looks like, it’s basically a fine ball chain that is machine cut – each ball is cut so there are tiny edges on each ball, and the result is glitter!  You can see it on the Sweetest Heart necklace (also new) and you can also purchase in the “Chains & Cord” section.

January 22, 2009 · All, General
A few new items were just added for Valentine’s Day – some cute things for your sweetheart.  Order soon for VDay delivery!
Hammered Disc with Ruby stone

Hammered Disc with Ruby

The hammered disc (above) comes with a ruby stone.  The Love Message necklace, below, comes with garnets, peridots or amethyst stones, and can be personalized too.
Love Message with Garnets

Love Message with Garnets

November 17, 2008 · All, General

So I’m sitting here at my desk one day working away and  trying very hard to concentrate on something.  My husb and , whose computer is next to mine, starts playing some music.  I try to tune it out so I can think, and then realize I have to try harder…so I do.  But I slowly start to feel REALLY annoyed.  So I finally say “Can you turn that annoying song off?” and he immediately busts up and confesses that he’s TRYING to annoy me with “The Most Annoying Song Ever.”  Yes, it’s true!  Some people got together, surveyed a bunch of other people about what constitutes the most annoying music, and they put it all together into a song.  But it’s not just a bunch of annoying sounds, they actually made it into a song that sounds like a song.  It’s reallly quite amusing – see how long it takes to annoy you: http://blog.wired.com/music/2008/04/a-scientific-at.html

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