August 1, 2012 · All, Family

My Parents

My parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  Yes 50!  It was an exciting and much celebrated milestone.  They even got all their kids and gr and kids to Hawaii with them to mark the occasion.  We threw a party for them and they got to see many old friends, and new ones.  They are retired, healthy, and happy.  And I am very grateful for that.

I’ve always been in awe of their love and commitment to each other.  To this day, they still kiss each other hello and good-bye, even if one of them is just running to the store.  I’ve always thought that was sweet, and now that I’m married with children – I know how something that small and subtle can keep you connected to your spouse.  It takes a tiny bit of effort, all the time, but it’s worth doing.  I’ve learned many things from my parents over the years, by watching them and watching them together.  But this one lesson sticks in mind, because they never waver.  And they do it because they want to.  I love that.

What little gestures keep your love alive?

I just added another version of our custom H and writing Tags, where you send us your child’s signature and we put it on a charm!  These are actually made from thick, sterling silver wire and I’ve been working and h and stamping with this wire since I first started my business.  We cut them to any length and file all the edges smooth, and they turn out so nice and heavy!  Love these…thought they would be great for the h and writing etching we do.  And of course, it’s now one of my favorite pieces.

I love to see the kid’s names in their own writing, they each show their personalities and are a little piece of them frozen in time.

Happy Friday everyone!  We thought we would offer a FREE $20 Gift Card on any order over $40, ending this Sunday night.  This lets you shop now for that much needed personal gift, and gets you $20 to spend on yourself later.  🙂  Or you can give the gift card as a gift, too!

No coupon code required – just place an order over $40 and we will include your gift card in your package.  We have lots of h and -stamped jewelry designs, new mommy jewelry and lots of message jewelry too.  Choose one of our designs or create your own – there is something for everyone on your list.  Have a great weekend!

Free Gift Card for H and  Stamped Jewelry

July 26, 2012 · All, Jewelry Info, New Designs

I recently created a photo stream of some of the (very) many photos we have taken of our mommy jewelry over the years.  I’ll be adding lots more photos as I have the chance, but for now I thought I would share the slideshow!  It’s fun to just click through these and see how others have customized their h and stamped jewelry, how they have added charms or beads or what personalization they have chosen.  When you see all the options you realize the possibilities are endless.  I know that can be a little overwhelming for some, but it’s still just good fun and good inspiration to check it out!  Enjoy.

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